Piggy Sense! Save It For A Rainy Day

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I came across this book when I was desperately looking for something (in fact anything!!!) that could help me explain the importance of money to my kids. Trust me, this book is a blessing in disguise for desperate parents.

The concept is very simple. The story is about a little boy who tries driving some "piggy sense" into the minds of readers through his experiences. However, what stands apart is that inspite of its strong  message, the content is not at all heavy for kids to comprehend. Also, though the currency may be different in different countries, still, any parent can use the compare-contrast method to teach.

Reed has used rhyming words to add a lyrical touch to the narration. Language is very simple, yet apt. The best part is that they compliment the illustrations which are very eye-catching. This book will hold attention of kids who can read as well as those who cannot.

On a personal note, I must add that when I read this book for the first time, I decided to share it with my elder kid as well. In fact, I read it out first, and as I did, I kept explaining the terms in the context of Indian currency. The compare and contrast helped her grasp the concept immediately (she is 7 years old and can read). But the best part was that when she thought I was not watching, she sat and read out the story to my three year  old in the same manner as I had done.  Icing on the cake was, my younger child came and lectured me on the importance of saving money.

What  more can a parent want!!! When children are able to value money and respect the hardwork their parents put in towards earning it, it is as good as winning the parenting battle. And the best way to teach is by catching them young. This book is a priceless addition to any parent's 'How to' library.

To sum up, I loved Reed's way of driving in some Piggy Sense. More than me, my kids loved her book.

P.S - Reed you can include two kids and an adult in your fan list!!!

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