Murder In The Bougainvillea

Murder in the Bougainvillea is a story that is short, sweet and at the same time compelling. You can't stop once you start reading.

The story has all the required elements of a supernatural murder mystery. It has a well-written plot, tight narrative, excellent characterization and above all, absence of jargons.

It is a must-read because of the protagonist Natasha Green as well. Natasha is down-to-earth, sensible, practical and very observant. I am sure, her observation skills will come in handy later on as well. As the perfect side kick, Sid does a pretty good job supporting her.

I won't give away the plot etc., because you need to read it to love it.The narrative does trigger a mental movie, and the story is like watching it happen in front of you without actively participating in it.

To sum up, if you need a feel good story that ensures 'all is well that ends well', and at the same time keeps you hooked on till the end, then this book is definitely your kind.

P.S - What is up next for Natasha Green, Gillian???

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