Pieces Like Pottery

I wish I could give this collection 10 stars instead of 5. Its an awesome read from the start to finish.

I cannot specify which amongst the stories are my personal favourites because they all are. Each of the story in this collection has the power to pull the strings of your heart. The stories will make you grieve, cry, smile through your tears, empathize, introspect, in fact, they will make you feel every emotion that exists under the sun. The title for this collection is perfectly apt. The collection is like pottery and each story, each poetry, each quote, like its creation; they are independent but very much connected. The collection has an earthy flavour to it, whereby, every story is like some thing happening in reality. The stories are the real protagonists in this collection.

Dan is a wonderful storyteller. His narrative style and choice of words make the stories feel so real, its like seeing real life in print. The stories get you so involved that you can't stop until you finish reading. And yes, they will entice you to come back to them again, and again, and again. There are no exaggerations, no unnecessary additions, just plain yet emphatic story.

I say this without shame that by the time I finished reading the last page I was busy wiping away my tears with a towel (My handkerchief was nowhere to be seen!!!). This book is unputdownable.

To sum up, if you really wish to read stories which will make you 'feel', this collection is a must-read.

P.S- I am going to buy a print copy of this book and add to my collection of evergreen books!!! 

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