Sol Of The Coliseum

Adam Gaylord took me into the world of Gladiators along with Sol, his protagonist in this book.

The theme of this book reminded me of a hollywood movie, but then, there are no comparisons. This book has it all to stand out and doesnt require any kind of referrals for fame.

Sol stands for the lesser privileged and often ignored populace in the present world. Happy and contented in his small little world in the Coliseum, Sol slowly transformed into a Gladiator of repute. This rising, epitomises the begining of a new order obviously not liked by the higher echelons in the Astorian Empire.

The story subtly brings out the fact that, for people to shine, all that is necessary is preparedness and determination. Besides, it also portrays that one can never be too sure of what will happen in future, a la, Que sera sera.

Adam successfully brings out human relationships in this story. Sol's simplicity, humane demeanour, respect for women, inner strength, and his childish wonder when out in the open for the first time, would definitely bring a smile on your face. The rapport Sol shared with Grall and the Cook, was more like a father-son mother-son duo. Korra is yet another character to watch out for and so is the same about Sol's antithesis, the antagonist in this story.

This story is a must-read for all fans of Gladiators since it is like watching a movie in the mind, thanks to the visual imageries it triggers.

The story ends on a promising note, because it promises the possibility of a new beginning. In case there is one, I will definitely be one of the readers to be there at the new beginning!!

P.S- I was never much into such themes but Sol in the Coliseum has inspired me to read more.

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