Red Flag

Titania Hudson's Red Flag reminds me of the red coloured flag hung at spots or places considered to be dangerous. Add to this, the theme of her book which is distrust in relationships. Just like a red flag, when there are negative interruptions in a relationship, one amongst the couple needs to introspect and place mental red flags wherever necessary.

The book is neither a sermon nor an advisory. Titania does an awesome job by keeping the language simple, to the point and seem more like a friendly conversation.

Kudos to her for addressing every issue possible under the sun. Abuse, possessiveness, gambling, substance dependency, flings and affairs, you name it and they all find a place in this book.

Red Flag deals with anything and everything that can mar a relationship. Titania brings out the Hows, Whys, and Whats very effectively. Being an experienced dating counsellor, she explains witb real examples regarding the pros and cons of each issue. She also acts as a guide by suggesting measures that are both implementable and practical.

No matter at what stage of relationship you are in, this book is a must-read for any reader.

P.S- Red Flag is a book I will recommend to my friends who wish to enhance the quality of their relationships.

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