The Ghost Of Normandy Road

As children, we get to hear various legends which sound very scary. The Ghost of Normandy Road is one such narrated through the eyes of a ten year old boy Danny.

John Hennessy definitely kept me hooked to his book till the very end. The narration is fast paced, purposedly left distorted at few points, a bit gothic and with appropriate language. It gives you the right amount of chills and frights.

The book also brings about aural and visual imageries in the mind of the reader. Its like a movie being played with all the sound and light effects needed in a horror movie. The story has the potential to involve the reader as a participant in the proceedings of the story.

The icing on the cake was the ending. Totally unexpected and unthought of. In fact, it is the ending which will make the reader go back to the story again and again and again to check out for loopholes if any.

There are a few issues, like absence of reasons for the ending, sudden changes in scenes, etc., but once the story ends, all these really do not matter.

To sum up, the Ghost of Normandy Road definitely spooks you out but its ending does leave you with a 'Wow!!!'

P.S- I received a free copy of ebook in exchange for an honest review from Booklover Catlady Publicity. Thank you Maxine.

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