I Know How You Feel: The Sensate

Read a book which was refreshingly different. A new concept about Sensates - People who have the ability to send customized sensations to others. In simple words, Sensates can feel the desires and sensations of others, imbibe their takents with a single touch and derive their strengths through rides, as in loads of physical contact.

The storyline is pretty interesting. Hani, the protagonist is unaware of his immense powers and learns through every new experience. Oblivious to the antagonist's motive, he becomes a victim to her ploys long before he realizes. Of course, there is a damsel who rescues this knight in distress. And this aspect makes the plot all the more worth reading. This book ends with a promise of a sequel.

Nicole's book is an out and out adult fiction. There are loads of scenes which are definitely a no-no for kids, but it can't be helped since they are important to the story. However, maybe, a few more scenes like healings, imbibing negativity through touch etc., could be thought of for addition in sequel, so as to reduce the adult content and increase readership, because this story is worth reading.

Nicole has this great sense of humour, which she adds on to her characters. Hani is affable. Laurie is cute. Dr Todd is despicable, and all the others add spark to the plot with their presence.

To sum up, this book is unputdownable, thanks to its plot. An awesome read, but can cause discomfort for the Amish.

P.S - A little birdie told me there is a sequel. But before that, you need to read this book.

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