Write Your Novel!

Write Your Novel by Maggie James is a straight to the point DIY book. She has kept it short and sweet, with no unwanted or thoughts which are out of place.

It is true, for wannabe writers, the very thought of penning a novel is taxing. The need to generate a voluminous number of words is capable of stressing one out. And yes, at times, due to one not being very tech savvy, it does require writing and typing, rewriting and retyping. Besides that, there are a few budding writers who want a template to follow to the T. This book is a blessing in disguise for them.

Undoubtedly, numerous books have been written on how to be a novelist. However, this book is a winner because it is like a basic checklist that people aspiring to write can follow. It is simple, effective and brings out the Basics.

P.S- I received a copy in exchange of an honest review from Booklady Catlover Publicity. Thank you Maxine.

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