Five Weeks To Jamaica

Doug Oudin's Five Weeks To Jamaica took me on a cruise along with his characters.

Be it Madison, Kurt, Tiona, Charlie, Linda, Marco, Larry, Captain Ellis, Dawn, Bruce and the others who joined on and off. Each one made the chapters worth reading.

The story brings out various aspects of human relationships. It brings out the element of Friendship by bringing strangers together as they embark on a common journey. It shows that love can touch your life anywhere anytime. It depicts that in a relationship, trust is the most important aspect, and if it gets broken, nothing can save the relationship from falling apart. It portrays the importance of forgiveness and the role it plays in bringing two people closer. Above all, it projects that for every end, there is always a new beginning.

Doug has taken pains to ensure that technical terms related to operating a ship are kept as simple as possible. His narrative involves you into the story which has been simply written and beautifully described.

P.S. - Reading the book made me feel like taking a break and going off for a cruise!!!

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