The Emblem Throne

This is one series I would love to follow. The first part titled The Buried Symbol was an unputdownable read. I picked this book to continue from where I had left in part one. And I was in for a pleasant surprise.

The plot took off from the cliffhanger in the earlier volume. There is a sudden twist that gets introduced and that changes the entire perspective of the reader. To describe what it is would entail spoiler alerts. Hence, do read this book to know more about the story.

The narration took me by surprise. I was expecting a similar flow like the earlier work. However, this one was different. The pace set and the tempo followed in the narration was very different. And that is the USP of this book. The writing is engrossing like book 1 but yes, with a different twist and treatment. In this continuation, the storyline narration does have the power to evoke wonderful imageries. Hence, it is a delight for the reader.

The main characters are the same. However, they do evolve as situations change. New characters are introduced. In totality, every character was important for the story.

To sum, the second book in the series is a must read too. It has an amazing narrative and an excellent storyline. This series is now one of my favourites. This story talks of making choices and taking decisions that can change the course of life. I read it in one sitting straight.

P.S - Thank you Jeffrey for an amazing story. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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