I read this book because of the blurb. And yes, the story didnot disappoint me.

The plot revolves around a psychologist and her client. Why they got together in the first place is the crux of this book. This book is the beginning of a series and aptly begins the series well.

Nan has a unique writing style. She uses descriptions in her narrations and that is where I felt she went a bit overboard. I mean, it is my personal opinion, I felt there were a few scenes which could have been edited. In spite of this, I must admit that the author has stuck to the plot for majority of the time. The descriptions do evoke imageries and the storyline is like sci-fi romance movie I mentally watched as I read along.

The two protagonists have been portrayed as strong individuals with their own identities. They have their flaws and are not afraid to express their vulnerable self. The other minor characters do play a part in adding on to the storyline but the story belongs to the protagonists.

To sum up, this book can be read in one sitting. It is amazing and I am sure that Book Two would be a much improved version of this. Do read if romantic science fiction interests you.

P.S - Thank you Nan for an amazing story. This book deals with bitter-sweet relationships and love. Waiting for the next to see whats in store. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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