Spiritual Intervention

This is one trilogy I have been following. Spiritual Intervention is the third and last book in this series. I kept delaying reading it because I knew that there would be no more in this series. Yet, the concept that runs through this series is such that I had no other option but to continue from where I had left in Book Two.

The plot evolves from what it was in the earlier books. I know I am sounding too cryptic but I have no choice since I do not want to give away anything. If you are reading my review on the this series for the first time, you need to begin with the Desert Son, Book One, to get into the heart of the story.

The writing style is yet again a pleasant surprise. In fact Glenn amazes me. All the three stories are narrated in a manner that leaves you wonder and question the absence of monotony. Yes, the language is simple but the choices of words is what makes this story different. Imageries are powerful and evoke vivid visualisations.  I really wish a movie gets made on this as well.

This book brings out the concept of letting go. The characters, both main and secondary, have a key role to play in the development of the story. The manner in which they emote, express and evoke thoughts are precisely the reason why this story has so much of personal appeal.

To sum up, this is definitely an excellently written amazing story. Though you can read this third part in isolation, however, reading it after the previous books have been read is s pleasant surprise. A definite must read.

P.S - Thank you Glen for the amazing story. I wish the series never ended, but as they say, spiritual intervention is the only option since all good things have to end. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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