The Black Guard: Least Favoured Child

I wish I could give it more stars because the story deserves much more. It was easy for me to empathize because it is akin to the life of every soldier, every warrior, albeit with subtle differences.

The story line is weaved around the female protagonist and her journey to becoming a part of the elite Black Guard. From being the least favoured child of her biological family to her journey as a sought after Black Guard dragon, the journey has not been easy. I wish I could divulge more. Sadly, I am afraid I will give away more of the story. Hence, if you want to know more then read this amazing book.

Daems is an amazing writer. The fact that I could not help but complete the story in one sitting straight speaks volumes of his mesmerising writing. The language is not complicated. Military terms have been used but they have an accompanying explanation as well. Every paragraph evokes vibrant imageries. Every sound, every scene gets captured like the reader is a part of it all. I so wish that a movie does get made inspired by this story. The book is the beginning volume in a series. Hence, the narration has ensured a cliffhanger in the end. The writing is smooth with no jerks and unwanted breaks. The best part of the author's writing style is that it leaves the reader wanting more.

The story belongs to Rivka, the female protagonist. However, all the other characters have been scripted to make the plot an interesting read. The characters exude varied emotions. Feelings of elation, helplessness, loneliness, bonding, and above all, the allegiance to one's organization like a family member, are things only those in the military services would understand.

To sum up, the story is a brilliant depiction of human grit and the ability to rise above all circumstances. It is a story I will be reading again and again every time I feel I am losing sight of my life goal. A definite must read, this journey of a Black Guard is absolutely inspirational.

P.S - Thank you Kim from SBPRA for an excellent and amazing story. This review is my honest opinion after reading it.

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