Poet Of The Wrong Generation

Some stories have the power to stay with you long after they have been read. This story is one of them. It reminded me of Hugh Grant's Movie Music and Lyrics.

The story revolves around the life of a poet and musician, his meteoric rise, his downfall and the subsequent tryst with grappling with his loss and thereafter rising like a Phoenix.

Lonnie's lyrical narration is what forms the heart and soul of this story. Kudos to the author for amazing writing. Loved the choice of words. They had the power to touch the reader's soul and stir up every emotion that exists within. This story needs to be converted into a movie because it has all the elements to be a successful blockbuster. Reading the story evoked not just imageries but also every emotion in me. The storyline made me laugh, cry, empathise, fall in love and hate all at once.

I loved to love the protagonist and loved to hate the antagonist. I literally emoted along with the protagonist. Every character had a key role to play in ensuring that the poet of the wrong generation finally emerged the victor after becoming a vanquished.

To sum up, this story is one of those that I return to when I feel low. So yes, I would be reading them again and again and again. Loved the end and the twists throughout. An absolutely amazing and excellent story. A definite must read.

P.S - Thank you Elton from Harmony River Press for introducing me to an amazing writer. This review is my honest opinion after reading the book.

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