Drawing In The Dark

There are stories that make you think long after they have been read. This collection of stories are just that. Each one of them had the power to make me ponder.

The best part about this anthology was the way plots differed in each story. In fact, each one revolved around a sub-theme of the main theme. Yes, the main theme revolved around depicting negative emotions. It encompassed fear, anger, hatred, sorrow, pain, hurt, distrust; name it and it was there.

The writing actually left the readers wanting more. Jeremy's narration definitely kept the reader guessing for more. The best part about his writing style was use of words that helped bring out the essence of each story. The stories were not complete in themselves, as in, they left many questions unanswered, and thats where the beauty of this anthology lies. Every story created an imagery of a different kind. Some created vibrant visual imageries, while others created aural and tactual ones. On the whole, an excellent writing style.

Every story had differwnt set of characters. And in not one story did I feel there was an excessive usage or presence of underplayed characters. Every character succeeded in depicting an emotion vital to that particular story and helped in its smooth flow.

To sum up, the stories are amazing individually as well as a part of this anthology. It is a must read because of the writing techniques used for keeping the interest of the reader alive. For me, the USP was the way each story made me think about it long after I had finished reading.

P.S - Thanks a ton Jeremy for stories I am never going to forget. In fact I have so many questions about each one that I would be reading it again. My review is an honest opinion after I read the stories.

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