Night Court

Poetry has the power to touch a chord in your heart and leave it strumming for the rest of your life. This collection of poems is not your usual happy romcom kinds. It has the power to scare you, to show you your inner self.

The themes around which powms are penned are serious in nature. To be honest, I felt that each poem was a topic being discussed during a session in a night court. What I liked about the poems was the fact that there had a subtle hint of reality. Every reader could associate with one poem or the other.

Erica's writings are simple yet with the power to reach out to people's hearts. Written in free verse these poems had the power to captivate every reader and inspire them to dabble in poetry. The imageries used are vivid. The poems have similies, metaphors, allegories, refrains. However, you need to read them to find out. I could not pick favourites because each one was beautiful.

No poem can justify itself unless it evokes emotions. Every poem had the power to make me think about what was being expressed. The poems will not make you feel relaxed, instead they will encourage you to question. Trust me when I say this, there are times when you need to question yourself, your existence, your purpose in life.

To sum up, Erica's poetry encouraged my inner self to conduct night court sessions. The collection is a must read for every poetry lover who seriously wants to explore the various facets of life and emotions through poetry. Amazing and excellent.

P.S - Thank you Serena from Poetic Book Tours for an excellent collection of poesy and introducing me to an amazing poet. My review is my honest opinion after reading this amazing collection.

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