The Busy Woman's Guide To Writing And Finishing Your Novel

When I started reading this book, I did not know whether I should simply smile or squirm in my seat. This book was a gentle reminder to the author in me to get going.

Jokes apart, this book is a perfect help and the 'Go To' guide for new writers as well as experienced ones. The manner in which it is written is to get across a point without beating around the bush. There are no complicated statements whatsoever. Each chapter ends up offering something new to the reader. Yes, there might me a few tips and tricks suggested that you may already know. However, these act as gentle reminders that there is a lot of work to be done with no scope for excuses.

Anita uses simple language to make her thoughts clear. She offers practical tips for people to adopt and implement in their lives. It is true, every woman has a story to share and every woman is busy, be it as a homemaker or as a working woman. Yet, there is always the need for a gentle push towards penning down personal thoughts. This book does just that.

To sum up, there is a writer in every 'Busy Woman', but there is a need for someone to show you the way out and write your story. This book is the perfect friend, philosopher, guide you need in order to become an author.

P.S - Thanks Anita. Your book has definitely inspired me to stop procrastinating and getting ahead eith my next book!!!

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