The Sabbath

When I started reading this book, I had a feeling that there was an uncanny resemblance to a story called Afterlife. What sets this book apart is the treatment given to the storyline.

Sabbath, as the dictionary states, refers to the something being stopped. The plot of this book deals with a similar concept. And I must say that the entire story revolves around the concept chosen. The storyline is well crafted and forces you to think of consequences that might happen if the fictional element turns into reality.

The narration is gripping, yet, I personally noticed my attention wavering a bit, hence a star less. However, I must compliment the authors for narrating a story with not only a powerful mesage, but also in hinting at a sequel. 

The best part about this book are the characters. They are not picture perfect, have their flaws, and still are endearing. Yes, they succeed in bringing out different facets of relationships, the importance of families and the need to stay united and stick together whether during crisis or otherwise.

To sum up, the book definitely makes an interesting read. The concept has been addressed really well.

P.S - I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion. Thank you Say La V Publishers.

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