The Conscience

When I started reading this book, it was 11 pm and by the time I had finished, it was 3 am the next day. Yes, the book is lengthy but definitely unputdownable. 

The story is all about people and their conscience. Some people listen to their inner voice and some don't. Yet, it is conscience which succeeds in bringing out the best in a person. Also, it is the inner voice which helps a person choose and make a choice. However, the resultant consequences may be actions that can be good, bad or bit of both. If I say that Karma and conscience are linked, I won't be wrong.

The narration is beautiful. In fact, it keeps you really engrossed. Its like becoming a part of the story without realizing. There are places where Martin leaves a clue and this makes the story even more engaging. Simply put, the story has a soul of its own which definitely reaches out to a reader's heart. The story brings out human emotions in a very realistic manner. There is pain, desperation, love, sloth, complexes, empathy, integrity, you name it and they are there.

All the characters are as real as real people can be. They emote, express and experience. As is said, the good always triumph, good things happen with the good-hearted people, that is, those with a conscience.

To sum up, I can read this story again and again and never get tired. It is a mind blowing story. A must read for all those who believe in the existence of conscience. I listened to my conscience and read this awesome book. I hope you do it too.

P.S - Martin's story is as immortal as his soul. Your story will touch zillion hearts Martin. Rest in peace.

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