The Boston Ranter

I have to admit, when I started reading this book, the profanities and expletives had me almost stopping midway. I had an urge to write back to Laydon stating my inability in reading and reviewing. But I didn't. The sole reason was a book by an Indian author where words from a regional dialect were generously used. Every culture, every place has its own unique language and dialect. I realized this when I started reading the Boston Ranter's rantings yet again. 

The story is a fictional memoir. Hence, the vignettes are sketches from a life set in Massachusetts. As I kept reading, I realized each segment to be a reflection from the protagonist's life. 

The language used, is definitely not everybody's cup of tea. But the narrative is humourous. Laydon's vignettes give a view of his zanny life. And yes, due credit is to be given to him for sticking to the local flavour of the region to which he belongs.

To sum up, the book is for those who can look beyond the shocking language and discover a whole new culture.

P.S - The vignettes are worth reading at least once because the author has projected a new world as it is.

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