The Rest Of My Life

There is something in a love story, which seems next to impossible, but keeps you wanting to know more. This is one book which I will remember for the rest of my life.

The story is about a damsel in distress and her so-called knight in shining armour. Both have a not-so-glorious past and are confused about the future. Do I sound confused? Well, some love stories are complicated and this book falls under this category. However, let me assure you there is a happy ending.

Sheryl has a flair for imageries. Her descriptions are vivid and language is simple. The book has a generous dose of adult content but majority of it are in minimal dosage with relevance to the story. A few elaborations could have been avoided, but then, that is my perception. A writer, however, knows best.

Protagonists are real. Insecurities, pain, heartbreak, joy, are all part and parcel of love stories. The way Sheryl has shaped up her characters is truly praiseworthy. She has ensured that this story has all the elements needed for a romance saga. The plot and characters can easily be replicated on the big screen, else, it deserves a mini tv series to its credit as well.

To sum up, this book is worth reading as it has all the elements of a love story. It is a story for all romantics who adore a happy ending.

P.S - I received a free copy in exchange of an honest opinion from Legitlit Books. Thank you Jennifer.

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