Secrets Of Smart Parents In Raising Smarter Kids

Being a parent and desire to be a hands on working mother, I could not stop myself from reading this book from start to finish. I am definitely impressed with the author for the research she must have done while writing this book.

Kavitha has stuck to the concept of smart parenting for raising smarter kids. And she has done justice to it throughout. Today's generation is miles ahead with respect to tech know how. Give them a gadget and they will revert back with its features within an hour or so. Her tips and tricks in handling tech savvy kids are really appreciable.

The author's writing is not an advisory that is entirely boring, but instead, it is a guide for betterment. The statements have clarity and concepts are backed with logical reasons. The sentences are simple to understand and no description is out of place. 

I only wish, the author had included personal anecdotes and a few additions to the layout for greater visual appeal. These would have made a stronger impact on any parent or would-be parent. Also, in few places I noticed a tinge of monotony set it for a dhort while. But, for a first time author, she has definitely done a good job.

To sum up, any parent who is truly interested in raising his and/or her child the right way, should read this book at least once.

P.S - I have picked up a few tips for becoming a smart parent for smarter kids. I hope you do so too!!!

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