Michael's Mystery

Michael's Mystery is a story that transports the readers into a realm of fantasy. But yes, with me not being a die-hard adult fantasy fiction reader, it took me two readings to get a grasp of what was going on.

The concept of a Dragon and a Sprite getting together is really nice. But yes, the descriptions were a bit complicated in the beginning for me to understand. Once I got a hang of it, the plot had a smooth flow throughout.

The book has lot of adult content and hence is out of reach of teens and pre-teens. Lindze is great at conjuring vivid imagieries.If the detailed descriptions of erotica could have been avoided, the appeal and reach of the book would have increased.

Michael and Andesine, the two protagonists have a strong presence throughout the story. In fact, all characters, big or small, have a substantial role to play with relevance to the plot.

To sum up, the book is likeable and deserves one reading.

P.S- Lindze, if the adult content could be done away with, this book would win the hearts of kids and everybody alike; it has everything otherwise for a universal appeal.

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