Desert Son

What started off as a near death experience story, kept me hooked till the very end. Desert Son is one book which was eerie, captivating and full of suspense.

The plot is not very unusual- reincarnations and love triangles. However, the treatment definitely is, and it is the manner in which the storyline has been weaved that convinces its novel concept. Glenn has a way with words. There are breaks in the story with sudden twists and chapter endings. Yet, these add on to the appeal quotient.

The narration is flawless. The descriptions immediately trigger visualizations and imageries. Reading it was like watching a movie inside my head. The story unfolds in a language which can be easily understood by any reader not very familiar with  the language.

As far as the characters  are concerned, well, Carter and Brenda perfectly compliment each other. The story, in fact, unfolds through both of them. The way they find themselves, search for signs and answers together, is like the icing on a festive cake. Besides other characters, Martin is one man you would love to hate.

What I really loved about this book is that it addresses a concept which many find it hard to believe- that of reincarnation. The story would make many a disbeliever question whether it is really possible. The thought of a soul returning back to its family, is something acceptable by people in India. The descriptions regarding out of body near death experiences are so very realistic, similar to those undergone by people in real life.

To sum up, reading about the Desert Son has forced me to grab its sequel. The story is so compelling, I had no choice but to finish it in one single sitting. It is definitely a must read for lovers for supernatural and paranormal writings.

P.S- If you believe in reincarnations, the beliefs will get stronger thanks to this book.

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