No Rest For The Wicked

Horror has become the flavour of this month for me I guess. So, my third book chosen also evokes a deep sense of fear in me.

The bottom line of the story is that angels are not all sweet and sugary nice. They can be mean too. If I say that the plot deals with how angels ensure there is no rest for the wicked-natured, I won't be wrong.

Dane is a master storyteller. His words conjure up imageries that can scare and make you squirm. Language is basically meant for young adults and above. Hence this book is a no-no for children.

His weakest area has been characterisation. This is my personal view. It maybe because a single character did not stand out in the entire gamut. Though the antagonists were spelt out and main characters identified, a little bit more of their descriptions would have worked wonders. I had to reduce a star.

To sum up, I was compelled to finish the story in one sitting and that speaks volumes about the writing. Dane is an author to watch out for if you love horror stories. I only wish Dane had added more details about the characters and elaborated a few sub-plots. It would have gone a long way in engaging the reader more. The book is definitely worth reading if you love horror stories.

P.S- Thank you Dane and Booktrope Publishing for this wonderful story. I did have a tough time putting myself to sleep after reading this.

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