After a long time I read a story about a warrior princess. The book has been named after the protagonist Lyre. She is a fiesty woman who saw the beauty in combat and became the first female warrior.

The plot is about the trials and tribulations, ups and downs in the life of Lyre. It brings out how circumstances can change perceptions, society can influence thinking and how customs and traditions sometimes take priority over relationships.

The narration is beautiful. I laughed and cried with the protagonist. Language is lucid. Tina is amazing when it comes to using words. Her descriptions made me feel I was part of the story like a silent spectator. The storyline incites visual imageries to pop up at every stage.

The story is all about Lyre. She is one of the finest female protagonists I have read about. She has her flaws but even with her imperfections you will fall in love with her. Tina celebrates spirit of a woman, her steely resolve and never-say-die attitude through this story.

To sum up, I am going to read this story again, especially during the days I am in low spirits. I read it in one sitting straight and loved the entire session. The end has a cliffhanger and I am hoping there is a sequel to this awesome story.

P.S - Thank you Jennifer from Teeter Moore Publishing for introducing me to an amazing writer. The opinions expressed are my honest views.

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