Change Of Heart

I had taken a long break from posting reviews. Reasons are personal yet when I decided to restart, I picked up this book to read. Was I elated? Yes, a bit because vampires and werewolves intrigue me. Did this book disappoint me? Sadly, yes, it did.

This book is the beginning of a series called The Royal Blood Chronicles. Accordingly, it introduces the reader to a world where a 'huvamp' is created. By the way, Huvamp is my way of calling a hybrid version of vampire who is still human.

The best part about this book is narration of storyline through various point of views. Yet, it is this style that has complicated the storyline. An otherwise interesting plot sadly got a bit difficult for comprehension. The language is simple but the constant changes in point of views acted spoilers. Mark did take a risk by introducing and then natrating the entire story through views of his characters. I must admit, if the number of characters had been lesser the narration would have had greater impact. Individually, there are many scenes that have the ability to ensure creation of visual imageries in the minds of the reader. Mark does have a unique style of narration.

The storyline helps aquaint us with the various characters of the story. Sadly, too many of them lead to a bit of confusion. The protagonist or the human turned vampire staying human needed a bit more of focus. Maybe then it would have helped retain the interest.

To sum up, the concept is interesting. However, it needed a bit more of de-cluttering of point of views. Maybe it was a gamble the writer took to present the story. Given the fact that it is a part of a series, and that too the beginning, the story is worth reading once. For the lovers of vampire stories this book may just be the beginning of an fascinating series. I am sure the next book would be much more interesting and less complicated.

P.S - Thank you Mark for this story. Looking forward to your next. Am sure it would surpass this story and be awesome!

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