Last Year's Resolution

First things first, I am not a Christian. Yet as a believer in God I can comprehend the underlying meaning being conveyed by the story.

The plot is about how a famous writer finds love and as circumstances change, he uses his writings to help people around him. The storyline brings in trials and sufferings with lots of biblical references. Some of the references were a bit difficult to comprehend because of lack of knowledge about the Holy Bible. However, I am sure there would be similarities in the scriptures world over. After all, all religions are different paths to the same God.

The author quotes from the Bible and many of the references have deeper meaning as well. The story does evoke lot of visual and auditory imageries. However, I felt there was a bit of disconnect at some places. May be it is my perception.

The characters have been well-defined. Yet, it could have been better. The concept appealed to me but since I am not a Christian it was difficult for me to draw parallels.

To sum up, the book is worth reading since it helps bring out the power of devotion. Notwithstanding religious preferences, belief in God does give the strength to face adverse situations.

P.S - Thank you Robert for a story that reasserted my faith in God as the supreme power, belief in whom can move mountains.

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