The Question

This book is not one of those that can hold your attention with a single reading. It kind of grows on you. With every new reading the interpretations change.

The plot revolves around one single question. And trust me, as you keep reading, chapter by chapter, the storyline keeps popping up a question in your mind.

The narrative may not be free flowing for every reader. Stearns uses lot of terms and statements that are technical in nature. Only those who have come across these concepts would be able to really appreciate. This is probably the reason why the narrative appears to be slow in some places. But notwithstanding that, even when some new concept was being described my mind kept asking a lot of questions.

The characters try playing their parts. There are few whose roles are crystal clear and others whose part is best understood when the story is read once again.

To sum up, this is one book which I am going to read again because of the unique storyline it has. Though a fiction, the theory proposed by the protagonist is something that has got me interested. There are a lot of why, how, who, where, what and when questions popping up in my mind. It is definitely not an easy read but at the same time, if you want to discover an entirely new concept or want to keep questioning yourself as you read, this book is a must-read then.

P.S- Thank you Laura and iRead Books for an interesting book in exchange of an honest opinion.

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