Spirit Raiders

I have never been a fan of the sci-fi genre but this book kept me hooked on till the very end.

The plot revolves around aliens, or simply put, anything and everything about aliens. Reading the story line made me question "Do aliens really exist?"

The story is weaved around a real-life happening. And it is not an easy task to fictionalize a real incident. Hats off to Savio for a brilliant narrative which compels you believe that the story line may be true reality. The author manages to help conjure mental imageries through his narrative. The writing cannot be referred to as simple because it has used a few terms that may not be understood easily. However, the fact that an unsolvable mystery has been referred to is an added attraction to this story.

All the characters play an integral part. Therefore, luckily for me, I never found even one of them out of place or unnecessary to the story line. The best part is that Savio has tried to bring out a very relevant issue. Through his characters he has subtly hinted that the very fabric of our existence is slowly under threat. The aliens can be taken literally or figuratively. But yes, you need to read it to believe it. I wish I could disclose more but that would be a real spoiler.

To sum up, the book does make for an interesting read. Even if you are not a sci-fi buff, you must try reading this once. There are a few questions you will be forced to ask yourself.

P.S- When is your next story coming up Savio? Is there a sequel?

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