Bring Me The Head Of Turlington Jones

This book surprised me. In fact, after reading it I realized that I should never have pre-conceived notions about any storyline.

Though the plot revolves around the eternal battle of goodness versus evil, it is the way it has been narrated that has made all the difference. 

The storyline has been expressed through a simple language with a tinge of humour. Gavin has meshed philosophy with fiction and fantasy. The narrative creates powerful imageries, so much so that I could feel myself witnessing the entire story just like a movie. Descriptions are not over the top. Concept is easy to understand and the ending promises yet another beginning. What more could a reader want?

The protagonists and the antagonists were perfect representatives of all that is good and bad. The best part about this story and its characters is that it has a universal appeal. Even young children can read it. Also, the protagonists have a message for parents. One needs to read it to understand  the downside of the saying "whats in a name?" 

To sum up, I really loved the way the story shaped up and finished the book in a single session. This book should be read when you are tensed up. It is a stress buster. Also, it has a few food for thought elements in it.

P.S - When is the next adventure coming up Gavin?

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