Three Stars

Really Good And Very Likeable


Piece Keeper - Antwan Floyd Sr

Gravedigger -Michael Israel Jarvis
Like A Closed Fist - EH Nolan
Raven's Peak - Lincoln Cole
Running Man - Jennifer Young
Don't Get Frazzled - David Z Hirsch
Stone Cold Angel - Amy Deason
Spellcaster - George Bachman
A Certain Connection -Zoey Kinsman
Mama Graciela's Secret - Mayra Calvani


Sapphire Hunting - J Sengupta
Bette Davis Eyes - Mickie Bolling Burke
Secrets Of Smart Parents In Raising Their Smarter Kids - Kavitha Sriram
Misjudged Nuances - Garima Bohra
Guardians - Josi Russell
Founding Father - J Kenneth Metz
Causality: The Crisis Of Zelan - Zam Loyal
The Story Of Lucius Kane - Vanya Ferreira
A Thousand Eves - George Saoulidis
Tonight Only - Layla Stevens
What The Heart Wants - Layla Stevens
Change Of Heart - Mark Benjamin
Last Year's Resolution - Robert Lampros

Love and Happiness - Ben Burgess Jr
An End To The Thrill - Varun Kumar
Michael's Mystery - Lindze Brandon

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