A Certain Connection

This is a story for all romantics and believers of love.

The plot revolves around a woman and a man, the magic that sparks between them and what happens thereafter. Sounds like a quintessential love story right? Wrong. There are twists and turns which you will get to know when you read this story.

Zoey's writing has an ability to reach out and appeal to a person's heart. What I felt overshadowed an otherwise beautiful story was an overdose of physical interactions between the protagonists. Some places, the subtle element of romance got brushed aside. Also, I felt, again a personal opinion, that the ending was a bit rushed up. If there could have been a bit more details towards the end, the story's momentum would have continued. The narration was absolutely smooth with limited jerks due to scenes which could have been cut down a bit. I must admit, the imageries conjured up by my brain while I was reading were pretty vivid. And, this story has all the potential to become a movie that can be watched by fans of romance like me.

The characterisation was brilliant. In fact Zoey had paid attention to every single detail. I never felt any character was unwanted. However, I wish I could have read more about the emotional upheavals the protagonists went through more than their physical interactions.

To sum up, the story is really likeable and worth reading, especially if your genre is romance. The book does have lot of mature content so those of you who are not very comfortable with such scenes can easily skip them. It is the regular love story narrated with a difference and that is where Zoey succeeds in establishing 'A Certain Connection' with the readers.

P.S - A beautiful story well crafted, this romance would connect with all those who believe in the magic of love and love stories. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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