Mama Graciela's Secret

This is a story for kids and adults alike. It is a short picture story that can be finished in one reading.

The story revolves around a lady, her secret recipe for making fritos and her love for cats. What happens in the story is something you need the book to find out.

The writing is simple with a rustic flavour. The narrative is continuous  and has no breaks. Mayra's writing helps trigger imageries and wherever it is difficult to comprehend a colloquial word the illustrations help understanding.

The story has one main protagonist and an important group - 1000 cats. What endears a reader is the fact that she is an ardent animal lover, kind and generous, and is willing to do choose them above anything else.

One hitch I found was the fact that with so many cats around, her shanty still sold eatables. There was no mention of how hygiene was being maintained at her eatery while she prepared her eats. This being a children's book, had the onus of teaching the little readers the importance of hygienic preparation of food alongside love fod animals.  Thats the reason I had to reduce two stars. In fact, when I narrated this story to my daughters, my younger child asked me how come nobody complained of contaminated food. I seriously had no immediate answer.

To sum up, the story is worth a read, especially the illustrations. They are very attractive. Its like playing Where are the Cats. The story is really likeable and good for kids and adults alike.

P.S - Thank you B00kr3vi3w Tours for a good story. This review is my honest opinoin after reading the story.

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