Polar Bear Bowler

A cute and yet another amazing story by master crafter Karl. This is a picture book eithout sny words. It means no dialogue, no descriptions and beautiful illustrations.

This story is about a polar bear, his serendipity with penguins and bowling. You need to pick up this book to get into the interesting world of the protagonist.

After reading this story without words I realised that there was indeed truth in the old adage that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Yes, this wordless story could be understood so much better. While turning the pages I realised that my mind was narrating a story alongside. The auditory imageries made me read effortlessly.  I wish this too gets remade into an animation.

The characters in this story are easily identifiable and for the who, how and where, you need to read the story. This story is about meeting new people, making friends, breaking the ice and learning to accept changes.

To sum up, a must-see-through story that is excellently illustrated and amazingly executed. The plot is child friendly and caters to every Peter Pan, the storyline has an underlying message and the narration is flawless. This is a picture book that you can spend hours skimming through.

P.S - Thank you Karl for yet another heart touching, amazing and excellent story. This review is my honest opinion after reading your story.

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