The Black Guard: Evolution

This is the second book in the Black Guard series and it didnot disappoint me one bit. Loved the way the storyline continued from where it left last.

The plot continues to revolve around the least favourite child turned Dragon Black Guard Rivka. And just like this title, the story has evolved. Some critics say it is more of a melange of stories now. Personally, I consider them as episodes in the life of the protagonist.

If I say I love Daem's writings, it will be an understatement. This story has violence but it is not graphic. You won't feel uncomfortable while reading. Such is the power of expression. It is very easy to go bersek in descriptions, however, the author has ensured that descriptions are apt and express what they ought to in every scene. There is a freshness in narration. It definitely is a continuation of book one but at the same time it has its own flavour. The imageries that this story creates goes with the flow of narration. There are no jerks, no breaks. It is like one continuos piece of written music. The language is simple anx this story can appeal to any sensibilities whatsoever.

Rivka is amazing as a Dragon. Hats off to the author for etching a strong woman as the central character. This fiesty lady is one woman every parent would want their daughter to grow up to be. The other characters are supportkng cast and their attributes and role are well etched too.

To sum up, this is definitely a must-read series. Whether you read them in isolation, in sequence or random order, the storylines have the power to keep you hooked on till the end. If you have read even one, you will feel like reading the other immediately. This story in book two is excellently amazing like the first part.

P.S - An amazing evolution of the least favourite chikd. Loved the story. Daems you are an awesome writer. Looking forward to the next one in the series. Thank you Kim from SBPRA for introducing me to an amazing series. This review is my honest opinion after reading.

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