Muffy And Valor:A True Story

Sometimes complex concepts like pain and empathy are best understood by children through stories.

The plot revolves around a dog who suffers an injury so painful that she starts detesting other dogs. Yet, when she sees another dog suffering from similar pain, she empathises and exhibits compassion. For the what why and how you seriously need to read this story.

What is striking about this book is the fact that the story has a deeper meaning. I felt that it was an allegory. Like George Orwell's Animal Farm, this story has different interpretations to offer to different generations and people. It has the power to teach a child about courage, compassion, friendship and overcoming fear. It also can be adapted to the adult world as in how after a setback, there is a phase of distrust followed by acceptance. Karl and Brandon have also subtly hinted that for becoming stronger the effort had to be made by the aggrieved first. Simply put, the power to change lies with each one of us, be it animals or humans.

The writing is very simple and can be understood by children. I read it aloud to my kids and they comprehended perfectly. The narration is absolutely smooth with no jerks. The story also had the power to ignite vivid mental imageries. I hope this story gets adapted into animation or a movie for kids. This story is way too better than many cartoon shows of present times.

The protagonist Muffy is really adorable and cute. Valor's entry is like the turning point in Muffy's life. The fact that these characters exist in real life helped in connecting better. The emotions and attributes they exhibited were so similar to the kinds that we humans projected.

To sum up, this story is an absolute must read for every child and every adult who is a child at heart. The message that the story delivers is really apt and has significance. Life might treat one unkindly, but if the fallen individual makes an effort to acknowledge, cope up and come forward, he or she would find happiness once again. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. This one goes into my collection of personal favourites.

P.S - Karl, your Muffy and Valor got me thinking. Loved the amazingly excellent story. This review is my honest opinion after reading it.

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