Tainted Lionheart

Tainted Lionheart is a collection of prose and poems that touches every chord of human heart. 

The collection deals with all the phases of heartache that a person is bound to go through. Divided into three parts, this collection uses a mix of prose and poetry to bring out varied emotions.

Sometimes, life brings in pain. Along with it come feelings of anger, contempt, grief, remorse and a host of other negative emotions. This collection attempts to deal with these. The entire collection resonates a powerful message. This anthology succeeds in bringing out that its okay to grieve, feel pain, get angry and hurt. 

Christine is an amazing writer, or rather, a prose poet. The choice of words amplify the feelings that each  piece of writing evokes. The imageries are vivid, narration is heart wrenching at times and language is sans profanity.

To sum up, the entire collection is a symbol of a lion heart or a lioness heart aka braveheart, who has the courage to go through all the phases associated with pain, trauma and heartbreak. The heart may be tainted but the person it belongs to is a lion or lioness who bounces back after every downfall. Yes, the pace may not be same but the phases are truly similar. It is a must read in case you have suffered or are nursing a heartbreak. It is excellent and amazing.

P.S: Christine is a poet to watch out for. Thank you Christine for a wonderful anthology of prose poetry. This review is my honest opinion after reading it.

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