Mannethorn's Key

I have been on a reading spree since past two months though I haven't been able to post reviews as frequently as I wanted to. Notwithstanding this, I begin with one of my favourites on my reading list Mannethorn's Key.

This book is the first story in a triology called The Key of Life. It is an epic fantasy, hence the story is set in a world of fantasy with magic, mystical creatures and enchanted lands. The plot revolves around a man transported to a world called Between, a wizard and their travails together. For further details you need to read the entire story, and trust me, you wont regret it one bit if fantasy is your genre.

The language is almost lyrical, as in it has the power to transport the reader into an altogether different world. The narration is a bit slow in the beginning but it picks up pace as the story progresses. Kudos to Simon for use of a descriptive narrative that is neither overbearing nor jerky. The writing justifies the plot at every paragraph, every scene. The writing does have the power to create vivid imageries of all kinds. The best part about this story is that it makes the reader feel he or she is a witness to all proceedings and that he or she is a part of all happenings. It is a perfect material for motion pictures.

Yet another amazing part of the story are the characters. Both the protagonists are not perfect but inspite of their flaws they have their strengths. They emote, express and are really believeable.

This story made me think. Like Bart many of us are struggling in a world called Between. It is a place that intimidates us, scares us snd challenges us to explore the unknown. Those of us who manage to realise that we need a key to unlock our potentials end up unlocking their purpose in life. Hence, I found a metaphor with regards to the connection between Mannethorn's key and our life situations

To sum up, this book is a must read because of the language it uses. Some may find the names a bit to tricky to pronounce but I feel it adds to the mystique since this is a fantasy story. The story ends with a cliffhanger since it is a part of a trilogy. As an introduction, this book one does pique the interest of readers. It is a must read, especially if you love fantasy and want to take a flight to fantasy land. I read this in one session. It is that unputdownable and a page turner. Simon is an author to look forward to.

P.S - Thank you Simon for an amazing story. Your writing is amazing. This review is my honest opinion after reading your story.

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