Greek Mythology: Beyond Mount Olympus

Firstly, I loved the concept of 60 minutes learning. The past few months have been busy for me to actually concentrate and read pages and pages. So, when I had the time to read I found two gems, one being this and the other is Ivan the Terrible which I will review separately.

Coming back to this nonfiction, it gives a peek into the world of Greek mythology. Now it would be unfair both to the writer and the wondrous world of mythical Greece if I say this book does not give details. Honestly, I am glad it has enough content to pique my interest in greek mythology so that I research upon them at leisure. I think that was precisely the aim of In60Learning.

To be honest, I am not an avid historian and have limited knowledge thanks to my exposure to history in my school. Yet, being a student of psychology, I do realise that mythology plays a great role in shaping up personalities and influencing behaviours. And greek mythology has relevance not only for its roots in ancient Greece, it can be seen influencing the contemporary world as well. Be it oedipus complex, narcissism etc., all these concepts are in use today as well.

I loved the writing style precisely for its brevity and clarity. Despite being brief the statements were clear. Narration was in a matter of fact manner and that is what is required for such topics. The flow between topics is smooth. The language is simple and easy to understand. Imageries were in phases based on descriptions. The writing is good enough for an educational TED ED video or an informative documentary.

Every aspect of greek mythology have been touched upon. Right from creation of world to Gods on Mount Olympus, impact on human race, present day relevance, every component associated with greek mythology have been discussed. Yes, the descriptions are brief but enough to create an interest in a reader. And the fact that it is called learning in 60 minutes, the content justifies the title.

To sum up, this book is useful for not only teaching children, it can help create an interest in history novices like me. Yes, I found the book amazingly excellent and it is a must read for two reasons. Firstly, it is a quick read and delivers as it promises. Secondly, it is informative and makes the reader want to explore further.  I recommend this as a definite must read if you are in search of an interesting quick read on history in general and mythology in particular.

P.S - Thank you Tyler from for such an informative read. I am definitely signing up for your learning list. This review is my honest opinion after reading the ebook.

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