The Helper

There are stories that attempt to go the unconventional way. This story is one of them.

The plot revolves around Helpers, people who "Help" those emotionally distraught. Who these Helpers are, how their lives intertwine and what happens, are all questions that will get answered once you read this story.

The author has interwoven flashbacks and that is a high point of this story. It is not easy to incorporate flashbacks since there is a danger of losing out on narration. Yet another writing technique used has been narrating the story through a narrator. Again, if not used properly this technique could also have led to narration issues. Thankfully, the writing is so amazing that both these issues have been addressed. There are imageries and where I felt the author could have done a bit more justice is to descriptions. There were a few places where a bit more of elaboration would have added greater impact to the storyline.

The main protagonists and the other secondary characters have been etched out with all of them comtributing to the story. They emote, are as close to real life as possible and ensure the plot is never forgotten.

To sum up, this book is absolutely superb and worth reading. It gives me a feeling that the next time I read it I would be privy to a whole new perspective. And return to it I will. But yes, this is not a conventional book with a cliched plot. The story kind of grows on you as you read it. Hence, choose this book if you are into serious reading. If you are looking for a "read and forget" kind of story, then this book is not for you. You actually need to read it to believe.

P.S - Thank you MNS for a story that was like The Helper for me. Loved the unique concept and writing. My review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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