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A Thousand Eves

Some books start with a great promise. A Thousand Eves was one such book. The storyline was unique, the concept very different, yet something went wrong somewhere. The plot revolves around a ship that has only females while all men except one have been eliminated. The one who has been lucky enough to have survived is because he was absent during elimination by virtue of his voyage. I know, it sounds a bit complicated and trust me, it is. This is what can happen when the language used doesn't make sense at some places. George has a wonderful plot and a different concept, yet the errors that cropped up here and there were a big let down. Though the book is a novella, there were a few characters or situations that could have had a bit more of descriptions. Sometimes, too little information fails to evoke the imageries that are required to get a reader involved. There are many characters. Luckily, they all have a part in the story. Also, maybe, if George had been a bi

Butterfly Blink

Sometimes you really don't need words to put across an idea. Butterfly Blink is one such book that has no words. Yet, it has the power to keep you pondering long after you have kept it aside. The book is meant for the most avid readers, children, yet, it has universal appeal. The book is filled with butterflies and lovely illustrations throughout. The endeavour of the writer is to encourage creativity and vocabulary building. From an adult's perspective, I found that this book took me back to my childhood. I had always been fond of symbols and signs. To tell you the truth, this book intrigued me. It kept me thinking long after I had finished reading. For me, a butterfly represented childhood and the increasing number of butterflies indicated various facets of my life as a child. It brought back memories, some bitter some sweet. I cant comment upon Karl's writing style but his illustrations are bright and vivid. The colour adds to the cheerful mood of the book.

Alchemy: Turning Silver To Gold

Read this sequel "Turning Silver to Gold" as soon as I had finished the first book "A story of perfect murder". Both the books are part of Alchemy series.  The story starts exactly where it was left unfinished in the previous book. The cliffhanger there does get suitably answered. However, the plot continues to be a continuation of the previous story. Yet again there is a trial. Yet again there is the shift of focus from the past to the present. However, but for the increase in the violence and horror, the plot is a continues repetition of the old.  Chris is a promising writer. Yet, except for the increase in the graphic content and the increase in the insanity of the anti-hero, the sequel actually fizzles out in comparison with the first. The imageries are gory and horrific. They are definitely disturbing but that is all about it.  There is one character besides the anti-hero in this story who is worth giving a second thought. That is Lizzie W

Alchemy: A Story Of Perfect Murder

This book is the first part of a two book series. If you think Alchemy is all about magic and trying to strike gold etc., well...its that and much more. First things first, this is one book I will never return to. No...there is nothing wrong with the book, but I guess the genre is probably not my cup of tea. Yet, inspite of this fact, there is no denying that I finished both the books back to to back sittings. The plot of the book is as the name suggests. It is the story of perfect murder. However, in this case it is actually more than one. That notwithstanding, it can be taken to imply the perfect murder of alchemy per se... Anyways, interpretations are the prerogative of the reader. So each one his or her own interpretations. Chris has a way with words. In fact, the manner in which he writes makes you literally squirm and twitch in your seat. The mood is dark. Even the love story entwined is not one that would give out a happy feeling. So, for all the die-hard roman