Alchemy: Turning Silver To Gold

Read this sequel "Turning Silver to Gold" as soon as I had finished the first book "A story of perfect murder". Both the books are part of Alchemy series. 

The story starts exactly where it was left unfinished in the previous book. The cliffhanger there does get suitably answered. However, the plot continues to be a continuation of the previous story. Yet again there is a trial. Yet again there is the shift of focus from the past to the present. However, but for the increase in the violence and horror, the plot is a continues repetition of the old. 

Chris is a promising writer. Yet, except for the increase in the graphic content and the increase in the insanity of the anti-hero, the sequel actually fizzles out in comparison with the first. The imageries are gory and horrific. They are definitely disturbing but that is all about it. 

There is one character besides the anti-hero in this story who is worth giving a second thought. That is Lizzie Weston. Sadly, she is not the kind to last in your memory for ever. There is a supposedly evil professor, yet in trying to turn the silver-like plot into gold, he has made not much contribution.

To sum up, this sequel is ok for a single reading. However, the graphic violence, too many characters and the ending may put you off.

P.S- Thank you Maxine and Booklovers Catlady Publicity for giving me this book in exchange of an honest review.

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