Butterfly Blink

Sometimes you really don't need words to put across an idea. Butterfly Blink is one such book that has no words. Yet, it has the power to keep you pondering long after you have kept it aside.

The book is meant for the most avid readers, children, yet, it has universal appeal. The book is filled with butterflies and lovely illustrations throughout. The endeavour of the writer is to encourage creativity and vocabulary building. From an adult's perspective, I found that this book took me back to my childhood. I had always been fond of symbols and signs. To tell you the truth, this book intrigued me. It kept me thinking long after I had finished reading. For me, a butterfly represented childhood and the increasing number of butterflies indicated various facets of my life as a child. It brought back memories, some bitter some sweet.

I cant comment upon Karl's writing style but his illustrations are bright and vivid. The colour adds to the cheerful mood of the book. Also, he has been able to put across various concepts that can be understood by children of all ages. I shared this book with my children. In the end, the interpretations of both my kids as well as mine were absolutely apt for our ages. this book is perfect for all ages.

It is really not easy to pen a book without using words but Karl, hats off for your efforts. Using butterflies and various illustrations associated with them, you have bridged the gap between various ages and stages of life. The real test of a book is that it should have universal appeal and the story should be understood by all. Your book has mass appeal, in fact, even those who have not been privileged enough to have learnt to read and write can imbibe the essence of this book.

To sum, I simply loved this book. Even though there are no words, this book had the power to take me on a journey down my memory lane. At the same time, it helped my children interpret the story in their own ways.

P.S- Karl, awesome picture book. Its a family favourite now!!!

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