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Fight For The Kingdom

What an awesome story! I was transported back to my childhood where I grew up reading about fairies, dragons and princesses. The plot revolves around two brothers and a camp. I can't reveal more except that it is a fantasy if that is your genre. On thee whole, the book is a definite must read. The language is simple and the narrative is compelling. There are no breaks in the narration and that is the best part. There are loads of imageries, visual, aural, tactile. These mental pictures when replicated, on the big screen or the television as a series, would create a blockbuster for sure. Writing for children is not an easy task. Victoria writes while retaining the childlike innocence of all its characters. Hence, kudos to her for penning a story that transports the reader to the lands of magic and fantasy. Besides Aiden and his brother, there are many other characters. Thankfully, they support the storyline and enhance the plot. The characters have been etched out clearly