Nina's Memento Mori

Sometimes pain tends to get masked behind a sense of narcissism, especially when it involves your significant other.

Nina's Memento Mori is a kind of self introspection that the author indulges in as he writes about himself remembering his wife. He focuses on himself as he narrates incidents revolving around his wife. This elegy is more of an autobiography as per me.

Mathias does write straight from the heart. Some readers might find it hard to relate through the narration, however, those who have lost their spouses to death would very well understand the emotions underlying this piece of writing. There are breaks in the narration but these are like deliberate attempts to both break the monotony in writing as well as to portray the train of thoughts as they happened. The language is not simple but that is a trademark of a writer with vast amount of writing experience behind him.

To say that Nina was his inspiration to write would be an understatement. In fact, she is exactly the kind of woman who inspired the writer in him to continue writing and try to heal with. The fact that he still misses her is evident from the writings.

Death of a spouse is a strange thing. It changes the very essence that shapes you up. Trust me as I say so because my words come with seven years of experience, thanks to the death of my spouse. To be honest, the pain that is left behind because of the loss cannot be explained. Its also not something that one can easily heal from. Healing in such cases is a slow process and it is evident that Mathias is slowly but surely moving towards the path of healing. Like every such individual's journey, he has his own questions, own internal conflicts that he has to encounter.

To sum up, if you are one of those whose spouse died and are confused about your train of thoughts, then please read this real life story. Its about a man who loved his wife and still loves her enough to believe that she will somehow be instrumental in him finding inner peace. This is a revelation where emotions are raw, wounds are open and pain speaks through silence. It is a book to be felt by the empath inside every individual. It is an excellent and amazing writing for the courage exhibited by a man who is heartbroken but still leaves no stone unturned to heal himself. It is a toast to inner strength and the phoenix residing in every broken man and woman who have loved and lost their love to death.

P.S- Thank you Mathias for an excellent piece of writing. May you make peace with yourself the way I have. I took almost five years to heal and I pray that you bounce back faster. This review is my honest opinion after voluntarily reading this writing. I have not received nor do I intend to receive any renumeration in exchange of my honest views.

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