The Deified

Beginnings are important for any story to give an overview of what is in store for the reader. I personally felt the start was jerky with sudden shifts and that is where I started losing the connection.

This book started off with one setting and suddenly there was an abrupt change. So, though majority of the story did revolve around what is described in the blurb yet the disconnect between introductory chapters made me lose my connect with the story. On the whole, the concept was interesting but the treatment to it could have been better.

There are portions that are brilliantly drafted yet there are other places that have loopholes. Yet, I am sure MJ will make it up for this in her next book. There are imageries and violence does play an active part in it. But due to breaks in narration and a muddled presentation of the central theme, the imageries were a bit jerky too.

There are a plethora of characters but they could have been better shaped. Even Jude is supposedly a character who had shades of antagonist. Yet, none of them truly stood out. Yet again, the concept per se could have got a lift with stronger characterization. They seemed fictional. A bit of real life traits would have been an add on.

To sum up, the story is readable. I completed it because MJ has put her heart and soul in penning it. And trust me, a lot of effort goes into writing a story and not everybody is brave enough to do that. My endeavour is not to let down a budding writer, I only wish to flag issues that I felt as a reader. And differences of opinions are always welcome. This was a story that had the potential and maybe a part two would bring in more clarity.

P.S - The opinions expressed are my honest views after reading The Deified.

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