The Code Of Magic

Some books makes you believe in the beauty of magic. This is one such book.

The plot revolves around a pre-teen and his tryst with learning about magic. For details you need to read the book. And let me assure you, the storyline succeeds in subtly addressing the mind of a young boy. It is not easy to live with abusive parents and to remain determined inspite of a broken family is something that this story definitely teaches.

David weaves magic with his choice of words. The language is children friendly, hence this story can be read by any age group. The narration has no breaks or jerks and what actually makes it amazing is the twists and turns it introduces. The way the story takes a reader through an eventful journey, where every moment is thrilling, is something commendable. The storyline conjures up so many imageries in our minds. I felt I was watching a movie in my mind. And yes, I did feel involved as a reader. I felt I was silently present with the protagonist and was a part of everything that was happening around him.

Loved the way David crafted his protagonist. Alex not only took a reader through the storyline but it was he who brought in so many varied emotions in the readers. All the other characters justified their presence in the story as well. Kudos to the author for creating characters who are bound to leave an impact on minds and hearts.

To sum up, this story is amazing and excellently penned. A perfect must read if you are looking for inspiration. There is no age for learning and this story teaches you through a twelve year old that life is all about living, and living it well. This is a story that has a universal appeal and would make every reader feel happy in the end. What makes this story more endearing is the fact that it subtly hints thats that there is magic within us and its code is around us. We need to take time to understand and decipher the same to make our magic work. After reading Alex's story, every reader would start believing that when we seek magic within ourselves through our strengths we create magic around us that is positive and inspirational.

P.S - Thank you Clare for introducing me to the writings of David. He helped me discover the Code of Magic within me. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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