Dead Down East

I needed a story that would take my mind off a grim and dark tale I had just read and reviewed. Thankfully, this story helped me do just that.

Sometimes we come across characters who are totally out of luck and are so lovable that you feel like empathising with them throughout. The protagonist of this story, a private investigator, is just that. The plot revolves around an affable character and his tryst with the solving of a crime case. For the whats you need to read the story.

The writing is amazing. Carl has added loads of humour through one-liners and at the same time, he has retained the flavour of suspense throughout. There were some 'wow' moments and it was worth a five star but for its ending. Notwithstanding that, the manner in which the story has been narrated is quiet gripping. What is more interesting is the fact that throughout the narration there have been no jerks. The imageries are in required quantities. This book also makes for a convenient read since it is fast paced and not too lengthy.

The protagonist is definitely lovable. Along with him, there are a few other characters who support him throughout the story. Besides them, there are many other characters and I have a bit of an issue with them because their presence ended up making me feel that the story is a fiction. They make it difficult to draw real life conclusions.

To sum up, the story is quirky, a quick read and an out and out fun whodunit story. The narration is superb and antics of the protagonist is heart touching. A must read for those who want a crime story that is not run-of-the-mill kind.

P.S - Thank you Carl for a quirky story and for lightening my mood with your writings. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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