The Best Dark Rain

Some stories leave you thinking long after you have read them. The Best Dark Rain is one such book. This post apocalyptic story brings out a tiny ray of hope that is hidden within. I know I sound crazy but then the truth is this story actually didnot turn out the way I expected.

I am not a fan of zombie stories or any other post apocalypse genre. Inspite of that this story made me cast aside my stereotypical thoughts with regards to such stories. Yes, there are zombies, the world is facing an era pist apocalypse. However, what sets tjis story apart from others in this genre is the storyline. Trust me when I say this, do read this book because the story is so different.

Marco has a unique style of writing. If I say that his writings shatter stereotypes then I will not be wrong in saying so. I must also compliment the narration. It is fast paced, smooth and definitely keeps the reader engaged. Every scene triggers off an imagery and I do wish this story gets converted into a motion picture so that it has a wider reach. And though I do not watch such movies due to the obvious fear of nightmares, this story would be an exception.

The protagonists have been well crafted snd the other characters amply justify their existence in this story. What is appealing is the fact that the story characters are as real as possible. The humans resemble people alive in the present world.

To sum up, this story is a must read. Please read it for the way the storyline flows, for the different treatment. This story celebrates love and friendship in a very different scenario. After reading thd story in one sitting I real8sed that these two universal bonds can exist in any situation. Also, when hope is given importance things turn out for the good. No wonder then that this is an excellently amazing or amazingly excellent story.

P.S - Thank you Marco for a story that changed my perspective. Rains wash away pain, help healing and mark a new beginning. The Best Dark Rain marks a new beginning. Maybe there will be a sequel!!! This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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